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Our new manufacturing facility in Conyers, 95,000Sq Ft of advanced equipment. The facility is situated east of Atlanta with easy access to Interstate 20. It will mirror the equipment and capabilities found in the company’s Metuchen, New Jersey plant, enabling C+K to deliver the same level of manufacturing expertise to a growing market.

“It’s all about proximity,” says C+K’s President, Bob Carrier. “As our customer base expanded in the southeast, we realized that a local presence would dramatically improve our ability to serve those clients. This move gives us a state-of-the-art thermoforming facility in the heart of what is becoming a key marketplace.”

C+K’s Vice President Sales and Marketing, David Grice points out that the move will also give the company strategic and operational advantages.

“Conyers has the added benefit of being a very cost-effective area,” he says. “We needed to grow, and this move will let us be even more competitive. What’s more, being close to a primary interstate and airport means shorter leadtimes.”

“There’s a wealth of skilled workers in and around Atlanta,” Carrier adds. “We now have access to top-notch CNC operators, maintenance mechanics, engineers, and others. As we continue to expand in Georgia, that labor pool will become increasingly important.”


Thermoforming Large

Plastic Parts

With our extensive technical knowledge and comprehensive range of forming services—including pressuretwin-sheet, and heavy-gauge vacuum forming—C+K Plastics has the ability to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for your requirements.

Founded in 1963, C+K Plastics is recognized as one of the most experienced plastic forming companies in the industry.

C+K Plastics continually strives to stay on the leading edge of new technological advancements to ensure that we are always able to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for most any thermoformed application.



Pressure forming is similar to vacuum forming, but it uses high-pressure air assist to create significantly better part definition.

In many cases, pressure formed parts can even be made with a finish comparable to that of an injection molded part.

  • The appearance of injection molding with much lower tooling cost; ideal for applications that require injection-molded appearance but lack the volume to make injection-molded tooling cost-effective

  • Surface texture can be applied directly from mold

  • Ability to incorporate numbers, letters and logos

  • Higher forming pressure means fine, detailed parts


Twin Sheet Forming uses distinct top- and bottom molds, heat, and vacuum to create a void between two sheets of plastic while forming a strong edge seal.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Less expensive tooling costs than blow molding

  • Excellent rigidity and structural integrity

  • Enclosed cavities make twin-sheet parts suitable for a wide range of end-use applications

  • Molded-in attachments and other features are possible

  • Internal reinforcement options

  • Compatible with most thermoplastic


Vacuum forming is the process of taking a flat thermoplastic sheet and using controlled heat to make it pliable enough to conform to a mold contour by simultaneously applying force and vacuum.


Vacuum-formed parts are typically three-dimensional, and finished parts will have the defined shape and detail on one side.

  • Ability to produce both low and high-volume parts cost effectively

  • Low forming pressures mean Inexpensive tooling compared to other processes

  • Less expensive to make part modifications in most cases

  • Fast turnaround times; customers can review sample patterns before creating hard tooling

  • Ability to select a customized surface finish from a variety of patterns and custom laminates

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